Yesterday during work I was invited to a punk show/party later that night @ Jen and Michelle's place (two of the cooler girls I work with)

I discovered there is more than just wiggers in the youth culture of this beer swilling town none other than Punks!! No it's not 1978 but they sure wish it was.
I'm not saying punk is dead I'm just asking what kind of rebel spends that much time on his hair and or jacket?

All told I had a damn good time and got pretty well tanked. Lots of similar personal archetypes and gene structures but none very outstanding
There was the rude-boy with the tree of life tattooed on his back, who one minute was preaching the path to enlightenment,
next bragging of his fighting skills and finally vomitting on the kitchen floor. The token black guy who as always was the most down to earth person there.
And many others who for some reason remind me of the kind of faces one would see in a silent movie..very twenties.
I did introduce my special brand of chaos in the form of vodka and kool-aid which may or may not have contributed to the fighting later on.. oh well.
It was nice to be in a room with a lot of intoxicated kids mixing drinks and passing a blunt around, if only to remind me of home and see that there's hope for this town yet.